top 10 Ten webstory of ms dhoni

1. From a ticket collector in Ranchi to cricket icon, MS Dhoni's journey is remarkable.

2. He popularized the helicopter shot and earned the nickname "Captain Cool."

3. Dhoni is the only captain to win all major ICC trophies.

4. He was awarded the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the Indian Territorial Army.

5. Dhoni's love for bikes and his impressive collection are well-known.

6. His influence led to the construction of Ranchi's international stadium, inaugurated in 2013

7. His rapid rise to fame saw him debut in 2004 and captain India by 2007.

8. Dhoni's calm demeanor on the field earned him admiration and the title "Captain Cool."

9. At his peak, Dhoni was one of the highest-paid athletes globally, thanks to lucrative endorsements.

10. Dhoni's leadership and achievements in cricket have left an indelible mark on the sport.